I’ve been asked this question so many times from friends wanting to wearing white to someone’s engagement to a friend wanting to wear white to MY wedding. Hmm this is some etiquette we may need to bring into our schooling.

There are blog posts out their about how you can never tell someone what to wear to your event, those people are trying to be politically correct because THERE IS NO REASON WHY YOU SHOULD EVER EVER EVERRRR wear white to an engagement or wedding.

I am a strong believer that when it doubt go without (unless it’s to buy the shoes – buy them in every colour). And if your in doubt of already wanting to wear white, than don’t do it! Honestly though, if you need to ask yourself this question, wouldn’t you just wear another colour?? Granted, some brides don’t want to wear white and that is totally fine, but even still.. don’t wear white.

We have an engagement party coming up this weekend and my dress is red with a little bit of white and I still reached out to the bride to make sure that was fine. Is there no other occasion you could wear your white dress too; you had to choose an engagement party or wedding? Come onnnn.

Even if you do ask the bride if it’s okay, and she says “oh yeah, whatever you feel amazing in” – really translates too, “I’m not going to look like a bridezilla and be mean, but like are you fuc*ing serious there is no other colour you could wear? ” And even so, every single guest at the party will also think your an absolute tool for wearing white.

Ways to tell your friends not to wear white to your engagement or wedding:

-Are you effing kidding me?

-Is there nothing else you could wear?

-I am hoping to be the only to wear white

-________ and I were both wanting to wear white to match if it’s okay for you to wear another colour?

-Follow this link http://prettyblogplease.com.au/2019/01/28/what-to-say-to-someone-who-wants-to-wear-white-to-your-engagement-or-wedding/ and check back in with me after

-Why not wear black because it looks like it’s the funeral of our friendship – hmm maybe a little too harsh? 😉

-When in doubt go without

-I don’t really want anyone to wear white because my dress will also be white

Hope this helps you on your adventures! If you are are a guest to a wedding or engagement do NOT wear white. If you are the bride or bride to be, stand up for what you want, because you will ever only have a first (and hopefully only the one) engagement and wedding party so make it exactly how you want it and don’t have any regrets. You do not want to look back at your photo’s and think, hmm I should have just said no. Don’t allow for a blurred line, no means no. Have the wonderful day that you deserve xx