Wow – It’s so amazing how much bubs can change when they begin to teeth. And when you think they are teething but really they are not – when they do, YOU KNOW.

Harvey truly has been “a walk in the park baby” – says grandparents, aunts, uncles and child care. Now.. he is no walk in the park. 8 months old tomorrow and boy he has his mama’s attitude and daddy’s sturbborn-ness.. if that’s a word.

What I have found really helpful for me is frozen cucumber slices – pit our seeds and take off the skin – freeze for 2 days. – make sure you watch bubs when the cucumber does thaw out it does get a bit messy.

Frozen teatowels. Wet them and freeze them for a day in ziplock bags. Let thaw out for 15 mins and bubs will chomp chomp chomp! – but they do make a mess. Water everywhere! Perfect for a hot day or before bath time 😉

Teethers – not just a fad, but effective! Perfect for when your on the go. You could always take out the cucumber slices or tea towels. Or attach a teether to the end of a dummy clip – feel free to shop ours today 😉

Be patient.. what I remind myself everyday… every second. We all went through this before and we know how much tooth pain hurts, now imagine what they are going through. Go to the toilet and have a cry or scream into a pillow. Whatever gets you through the day. We are all in this together 🙂 xx