There are so many social media platforms that offer a huge opportunity to so many businesses and the biggest platform is instagram. Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide and Australia has 9 million active users. Instagram is constantly changing and upgrading to keep current and to give businesses it’s best tools to ensure success. I have studied these tools to use them to the fullest potential to ultimately make a profit!

Throughout my journey on instagram I have successfully become a brand ambassador for clothing and accessories brands. Companies will send me clothing and jewellery and I will take a photo in them and post them on my page and give them a shoutout. This will help their business attract more customers to purchase from them, and it helps me gain followers and ultimately become a brand ambassador for more companies and to share a part of the profits!

I have solely run my online boutique @livingontrend_ on instagram, facebook and pinterest. With instagram being my main source to attract customers, and nearly 90% of all my sales are streamed from instagram. I am now putting my skills to the ultimate test. As a social media manager I have learned so much about these online platforms but also that these skills I have acquired over the years may not come this easy to everyone.

Order of process –

  1. Contact us and we will send you a custom proposal for your business which will include
    1. Key focus areas specific to your business
    2. How will we will increase traffic to your business
    3. Key details of what you will receive from me – weekly and monthly reporting
  2. Approve or adjust the proposal above
  3. Let’s get started!

$200 PER WEEK is the current promotional price.


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