Children’s Foam Ball Pit with Balls


Who doesn’t love a fun filled ball pit with endless amounts of fun! These ball pits are the best way to keep your kids having a wonderful time – and it looks super trendy!

Inspired to bring you the best and on trend items, we are so excited to have these super awesome round foam ball pits for you.

The ball pits are made of polyurethane foam (which does bend, so supervision is always required) and are 800mm (inside) and 900mm (overall) with a height of 300mm. The light grey cover is washer machine friendly! I know.. that’s almost the best part! (Do not tumble dry) The balls are made of LDPE plastic and are safe and odour-free, and measure 7cm in diameter.

Ball Pit Includes

1 x ball pit in light grey
200 x balls
The colour ball options are

Blue, white, black, grey
Pink, white, black, grey
*Remember that the children should always be supervised*


Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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