Mums.. life is heck-take! Craziness / chaotic / WTF… only about 12 times in the last 15 minutes… ??!!! ALL OF THE ABOVE!

My best advice – [I will never tell you what to do I will only share my personal experience]

Take the time



I am a retail manager with a fantastic company. [currently going to be made redundant but no fault of theirs] and I was eligible for 18 weeks. And initially I said I will only take that time… 18 weeks..  But then I thought about it and decided I want to the take full 12 months. Like.. why the hell not! When am I ever going to have this opportunity to spend this much time with Harvey again. [FUNNY… I did get made redundant.. so I do have the time 😉 ] To see those small milestones and to just bond baby bond!

It’s easier said than done – I’m proof of that. But do it. Stop saying next week .. next week.. Don’t feel guilty to just stop and smell the roses!

Read blogs, write blogs and allow yourself to be creative! I never really explored much of this side of me – but I am so glad that I started because I have never felt so fulfilled in my life! I am looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring!!